Selune river and Mont-saint-Michel

Le Mont Saint-Michel (France, Normandy)

Sciences and lanscapes in France Sciences and Landscapes of France english


Geology and biology. Lots of written information, diagrams and online quizzes, in many different categories.
Web site with a view to a touristic development of geology, and a geological development of tourism. And between two rocks, a few other matters as well as ... a touch of humour !
Many pages on the history of geology, particularly in France and Normandy.
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The landscapes of your trip in France
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Geology : The Pillows of ErquyHistory of the landscapes || Math - 64=65 : Fibonacci - Flash version || Humour.


Understand how a canal lock works| Global warming | Bush-crickets and Grasshoppers | Chronological database of scientific discoveries | | Chausey Island | Alençon diamond
American flag on the moon | Landscapes of France seen from the sky | French atlantic coast

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Feuille de ginkgo

Botany : Ginkgo biloba (Botany) || Geology : Fairy chimneys || Zoology : The school for crocodiles | Dodo, an extinct giant pigeon | Classification of animals | Reproducing : Invertebrata | Spermatozoids | Casts and hollows of Arenicola : Lugworm | Galleries of Scolyte on a tree trunk | Amazing and ecologic maze
earth.png Landscapes of France seen from the sky | Ancient card of the relief of France
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