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SourisCalvados in Normandy, 1998 | Reculver

Unfortunate owner

Unfortunate owner !


FLAMMARION Camille (1842-1925), The world before Creation : "In Brouage, a town located not far from ROCHEFORT and the mouth of the river CHARENTE, the sea receded and gave way to salt-marshes. To-day the beasts of burden are being tied up to the same rings as those to which sailors used to tie up their boats at the time when LA ROCHELLE was being besieged (1627)."
Google earth With Google Earth, write : "Brouage France".

Anse du Brick

flecheHanging beach at Brick (Normandy, near Cherbourg)

Reculver church in England (near the mouth of the river Thames) in 1781 and in 1834 (Camille FLAMMARION, Le Monde avant la Création, p.322). Personal call : I am in search of information about the corresponding present landscape.

Google earth With Google Earth, write : 51°22'47.87" 1°11'58.50"